In A Sea of Same, Weird Wins

It's completely remarkable. You are the only "You" on the planet.  Sadly, most of us grow up believing it's more important to fit in than to stand out. After a while, shame, comparison, and conformity creep in till we forget all about this strange thing inside us, an imagination, that has the power to change things around us for the better.  

It's time we took back what makes us different, and reimagined the difference we were born to make. It's time we stopped painting by numbers, conforming to patterns, and checking off boxes. It's time we reclaimed the word “Weird."

Weird is awesome. Weird is remarkable.  Weird is transformative. It's Rock n' Roll, Jesus Christ, and Martin Luther King. Weird is a revolution. 

We don't choose weird so people will pay attention to us. We choose it because our weirdness tells others we belong in a world that tells us we don't. Weird is contagious, viral, and comes preinstalled. 

Embracing your weirdness is the best thing you can do for your art, your business, your friends, your family, and yourself. It's the essence of creativity, the stuff of movements, and the hope for humanity.

That's why I write about it, speak about it, and help people discover it. I'm betting the whole farm on this simple truth: that in a sea of same, weird wins. (tweet this)

Word Writer, Talk Giver & Other Facts About Me:


I'm married to one of the greatest women on the planet, Kelly. 


Our daughter, Selah Jean, is the mayor of everywhere we go.

Writer & Communicator

It's crazy, but I've also gotten to travel all around the world spreading this message of weirdness! My words have also been featured in some pretty awesome publications like MTV, VH1 RELEVANT, Q Ideas, & Catalyst.


I've gotten to make-believe with studios like MGM and brands like The United Nations Foundation on projects about what it means to be uniquely human.  

Weird Last Name

Casciotta (Pronounced "Cass-ee-ah-tah"). I'd like to think it means "brave warrior" or "brilliant innovator"... but it's just a type of cheese in Italian. That's right. I'm Mr. Cheese. 

Muppet Fan

Jim Henson is my hero. Kermit the Frog is my life coach. And one time, I met the real Big Bird.

New York Native

I grew up there. Seinfeld is my favorite show. One time I even had a creative project show up in Times Square!

Sloppy Brusher

In my parents' house, there's this picture of me as a kid with toothpaste all over my fingers. There's also some on my shirt right now. 

Let's Be Pals:

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