Writer / Director / Truth-Teller

Your story's not that simple. 

We won't pretend like it is. Don't follow a formula. Chart a new course. 


 A 2-Day Experience for Teams

Learn how some of the weirdest ideas in history from Democracy to Pixar translated their vision to those who needed to hear it most. Using a unique process backed by over 10 years of research, you and your team will create a manifesto for your product, campaign, or brand with powerful language you can use on your website, social media, print materials, and more that will resonate with people on an entirely new level. Complete with stunning visuals, interactive exercises, creative insights, and actionable next steps it's an investment that keeps giving back long after tour time is over. 



“CJ helped us cut through the noise in our own heads and get to the heart of what we were saying and who we are." 

Jeremy Courtney: President, Preemptive Love Coalition


"I would have written CJ the full amount just for Part 1 of the process he took us through. It was that impactful." 

Bob Denison: Owner & CEO, Denison Yacht Sales


"CJ brought structure to our story and put legs on our vision. We've seen program expansion and big increases in donations thanks to him." 

Lisa Castetter: Founder & Exec. Director, Teen Leadership Foundation

Weird Wins is for Teams Looking To 

✓Scale their business
✓Realign vision
✓Rebrand or refresh
✓Gain clarity and focus
✓Create forward momentum


Some Things We've Helped Build

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