Break free from the need to fit in.

Hi, I'm CJ

Author & Weird Whisperer

When what you do is different, things start to happen. 

"Fresh, inspiring & engaging. He helped us get outside the box and think big."



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My consulting process has helped organizations double their revenue and impact by focusing on why they're different. Clients have ranged from startups to Fortune 100s.

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I've had the honor of speaking to millions of people around the world on creativity, uniqueness, and why weird wins in a sea of same. Let's help make your next event different.

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In Weird Wins, you'll learn how Mr. Rogers found his weirdness, why Jim Henson gathered misfits, what Walt Disney wrote in his private manifesto and more. This practical 5-part audio series & companion workbook walks you step by step through the journey of how weird ideas have the power transform culture... specifically yours.

Get the 4-step method every movement throughout history has used to make change happen. Download the complete series for free now.

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