“This helped us more than I can articulate.”

Brad Stinson: CEO, The Collective Global

I’ve helped soloprenuers to Fortune 100s clarify their purpose, take strategic next steps, and scale their impact by focusing on what makes them different in a sea of same.

My 1-Day Process for Individuals and Teams is like Brand Positioning + Strategic Planning on Steroids


Own Your Weird

Get to the bottom of what makes your product, campaign, idea, etc. different and therefore valuable

Make Your Manifesto

Develop a rallying cry for your unique movement. One people can easily understand and repeat

Change the Status Quo

Go forth with an executable roadmap that includes built-in accountability to move you forward faster


“He cut through the noise in our heads and got to the heart of what we were saying and who we are. We are more focused and effective organization since working with CJ.”

Jeremy Courtney: Co-Founder & President, Preemptive Love Coalition


"This helped us more than I can articulate. Our team was on fire after he left. He pushed us, challenged us, listened to us, and got us to a place we've been wanting to get to for a long time."

Brad Stinson: CEO, The Collective Global

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