Make Your Crazy Ideas Clear to Others.

Weird Thinking™ is a 9 Module Course That Helps You...

Discover what makes your ideas different and therefore valuable.

Articulate your weird ideas so they make sense to others.

Share them boldly so they Influence culture and create change. 

What You Get

  • 9 HD Videos

    Get step-by-step guidance through every aspect of each lesson. It's like having your own private coach. 

  • Interactive Digital Workbook

    Do a happy dance after seeing tangible outcomes finally come to life.

  • Lifetime Access

    Access the material immediately or go at your own place. Your purchase lasts forever.

  • Community Support Group

    Share ideas and feedback with likeminded difference makers in your very own private Slack channel.

About Your Guide: CJ Casciotta

For over 15 years I’ve helped some of the biggest brands in the world discover their unique identity and share it creatively including LululemonThe United NationsMGM Studios, and Whole Foods. My work has been featured on national media including CBSMTVAmazon Prime, and The Huffington Post. In addition, I've gotten to speak at places likeTEDxSaddleback ChurchSTORY, and Charity:Water about why weird wins in a sea of same, the subject of my new book, Get Weird now in bookstores.

What People Are Saying

"For the last year I've been trying to figure out a way to branch out on my own with my production company.  This method gave me a clear insight on developing my "why".  I now know who I want to reach and how to focus on one particular service.  I've grown my personal client list by 5 since going through the course." 

Mike Barnett

Seattle, WA

"It's awesome, meaty material but in bite-sized pieces so you don't get so overwhelmed that you never finish. I really liked the videos as a precursor to the workbook materials. By watching CJ give insight into each section, I was able to engage in a deeper way than just going through the written material."

Brandi Roe

Nashville, TN

"We did our first pitch since reworking our message with CJ. We did so well we got chosen to present at Demo Day in front of a bunch of  investors and venture capitalists. It was awesome having an outside perspective on our business model and the language being used to explain what we do and why we do it."

Jamie Aplin

Toronto, Canada

Test Drive A Video

Module 3: Weird Overlap

Using several helpful prompts and questions, Module 3 helps you arrive at your very own Weird Statement by thinking about what makes your movement unique and what makes those you serve specific. 

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