After 15 years working with c-level teams, I started noticing a pattern...

No one was on the same page. Re-branding was a time-sucking chore vs. something to get excited about. Everyone was trying to keep up with what other companies were doing. As a result, they kept churning out similar materials, but none of them were making a significant impact. 

That's when I developed a method that got to the bottom of what made a company truly different, articulating it clearly and maximizing the possibilities. Since then...

  • An international nonprofit more than doubled their revenue from $1.5 million to $3.2 in less than a year.
  • A Fortune 100 said it gave them the tools they needed to think bigger.
  • A small church plant morphed into a 6,000 member debt-free multi-site movement.
  • A national retail company brought on more investors and opened 2 new stores.

I started noticing another pattern: Once companies use this method, they start to scale exponentially.


"This helped us more than I can articulate. Our team was on fire after he left. He pushed us, challenged us, listened to us, and got us to a place we have been wanting to get to for a long time."   

— Brad Stinson: CEO, The Collective Global

“He cut through the noise in our heads and got to the heart of what we were saying and who we are. We're more focused, effective, and have grown ever since.”

— Jeremy Courtney: President, Preemptive Love Coalition

"Stunning, invaluable, and focusing feedback. This helped us refine our mission for maximum impact." 

— Courtney Roberts: CMO, The Giving Keys


The Process


Phase 1: Past

Data & Insight (1-2 months)

Here’s the thing: we’re sort of obsessed with data. Our process goes farther than most when it comes to assessing your past in order to prepare for your future. All the research shows that our beginnings affect our present (and thus our futures) in ways we ignore at our own peril. Put another way: Your past is shaping your future right now, all the time. We’ll make sure it’s shaping yours to your benefit.


Define target audience / Identify mission & vision goals / Review existing materials / Determine best communication touch points / Conduct deep-dive interviews & surveys

Phase 2: Present

Identity & Message (1 month)

Your organization’s leadership needs a real-time opportunity to ask “what if?” — to revisit the model, suggest the crazy, and reimagine what’s possible. This phase facilitates a safe, productive environment to buck the predictable, ask bold questions, and most importantly, unearth concrete, sustainable answers. We'll help you reinforce those answers by creating new language for you, your team, and those you serve, delivering a custom manifesto full of key words & concepts that mark who you are, where you’re going, and why you’re different.


Identify Unique Position / Refresh Vision, Purpose, & Principles / Clarify Audience Segments & Architecture / Conduct Personality Profile / Create Promise & Tagline / Make Manifesto / Deliver Communications Guidelines

Phase 3: Future

Execution & Change (3-4 months)

Change doesn’t start until people do, and all change takes place like everything else—one step at a time. We’ll help you take those first brave steps toward the future with confidence.


Create easy on-ramps for your audience to grab hold / Develop new identity assets (web, print, video) / Minimize confusion and maximize consistency between programs, sub-brands, etc. / Deliver a robust toolbox for communicating vision longterm


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