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CJ & Team produce content filled with wonder, weirdness, and whimsey from short films to podcasts, web series, and more.

Some Sample Work

In My Day | Sam Gooden (In Partnership with LightWorkers/MGM Studios

Totally Accurate History! | Ancient Egypt (In Partnership with LightWorkers/MGM Studios)

The WorkJoy Project | The Light is My Partner (In Partnership with Slingshot Group)


Sounds Like A Movement | Becca Stevens (An Independently Produced Podcast Series)



We've Partnered With

MGM Studios
The United Nations Foundation
The Huffington Post
Whole Foods
XXX Church

Let's Collaborate!

We love working with studios, publications, & brands on things that invite people to use their imagination for good. Have an idea? Drop a quick note and someone will be in touch within the next 48 hours.

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