Business as Unusual

Catalytic growth and peak performance rarely happen when things remain routine. Leaders and teams that have the courage to be weird amidst a sea of same – whether it’s bringing a disruptive product to market, putting people over profit, practicing rest, redefining success, –end up winning in the long run because they’ve untethered the ropes of complacency that keep so many companies stuck. CJ has trained teams and inspired audiences around the world with insights and methods that challenge conventional thinking, replacing it with revolutionary transformation.

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“Fresh, inspiring, and engaging. He set us up to think bigger.”

Lululemon Brand & Community Team

“He cut through the noise in our heads and got to the heart of what we were saying and who we are. We are a more focused and effective organization.”

Jeremy Courtney: Co-Founder & President, Preemptive Love Coalition

“I continue to bring CJ in to speak to our tribe. I love him because he keeps coming up with fresh ways to remind us that misfits matter, and challenges us to help each other belong.”

Harris III: President of STORY Gatherings

"CJ is everything that makes the spirit of TED so special. He immediately connected with our audience.” 

Tim Knight: TEDx Director

“Our team was on fire after he left. He pushed us, challenged us, listened to us, and got us to a place we've been wanting to get to for a long time.”

Brad Stinson: CEO, The Collective Global

“His fresh perspective challenged us while his wisdom and experience guided us toward the clarity we were searching for.”

Ruth Haley Barton: Founding President & Chief Essence Officer, Transforming Center



An inspiring, funny, and candid conversation on why adopting the mind of a misfit (even if you don’t feel like one) can help solve even the most complex problems. Customized for you and your environment, CJ’s presentations are a shot in the arm for anyone who’s ever felt stuck, stagnant, or in need of a renaissance for their imagination.



A hands-on walkthrough of the hidden methodology movements throughout history use to make their weird, unusual ideas influence the masses. Teams develop their own manifesto along with an executable roadmap for changing the status quo. Offered as a 1/2 day, full day, or multi-day engagement.

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