Great teams get weird.

Breakthrough organizations know what makes them different in a sea of same. We’ll help you stick out, even if you’re stuck.

Eat typical for breakfast.

The Weird Thinking™ Training Process helps teams bring the future into focus by leveraging opportunities to stick out and make a difference when things are in danger of getting same ol' - same ol' (and they always are). CJ's customizable 12-step process will help you design & execute bold ideas with clarity, efficiency, and measurable results.

A Safe Space to Get Weird

Leaders need a healthy place to ask “what if?” — to revisit the model, suggest the crazy, and reimagine what’s possible. Our customizable trainings facilitate a safe, productive environment to buck the predictable, ask bold questions, and unearth concrete answers.

An Outsider with a Clear Perspective

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes with a bird’s eye view to illuminate the path forward. Get perspective and approach the future with an honest, creative, truth-speaker on your side. Our trainings have helped businesses turn around, nonprofits reignite, and teams produce their best work yet.

A Catalyst for Change

Our Weird Thinking™ trainings combine elements from Lean Business Modeling, Design Thinking, & Strategic Planning, along with our own secret strange sauce, to help you execute your vision with clarity and consistency. They're like massive jolts of electricity to your team.


"Great content. Better delivery. An impactful philosophy that set us up to think big!"

— Lululemon Brand & Community Team

“CJ helped us cut through the noise in our own heads and get to the heart of what we were saying and who we are. We're more focused and more effective.”

— Jeremy Courtney: President, Preemptive Love Coalition

"Stunning. Invaluable feedback. This helped us refine our mission for maximum impact." 

— Courtney Roberts: Creative Director, The Giving Keys

Bring Weird Thinking to Your Team

Offered as 2-day, 1-day, or half-day sessions

CJ's traveled all around the world helping teams integrate weird thinking into their culture. He'd love to visit you next! To request more info, fill out the form and someone will reach out within the next 48 hours.

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